OtherWorld Tarot

We are working on this Artistic Tarot, inspired by beings from other worlds and turning the inanimate into a image of power. Although magic is important, we focus on characterization through color and texture|


We try to see the Card in its depth through the concept design, hand in hand of different arts and using the illustration as a substrate for our ideas.

Digital Magic|Artistic Tarot

Each being has light or darkness in itself, balance is achieved through adaptation, we have been deeply searching for the essence of the arcane using different artistic techniques, merging our knowledge, strength, inspiration and magic in each of our cards.

Support the magic

We want to work on this tarot independently, to reach people who are really interested in having this bit of our magic, that's why we started this support campaign

Wisdom, Achievements, Truth, Guidance, Inspiration
Wisdom, Achievements, Truth, Guidance, Inspiration

Inspirational extracts and readings

Some of the most incredible artits has been called for the brilliant magic of the tarot.

O half moon,Half-brain, luminosity
Negro, masked like a white,

Your dark
Amputations crawl and appall

Spidery, unsafe.
What glove

What leatheriness
Has protected

Me from that shadow
The indelible buds.

The Priestess | Sylvia Plath

Under the golden kerchief lies
The mischief of the East; she sees
Beyond our eyesight with her eyes
That are the moons of sorceries;
The soul before them lives and dies
Through countless immortalities…

 The Fool | Arthur Symons

A storm-beaten old watch-tower,
A blind hermit rings the hour.

All-destroying sword-blade still
Carried by the wandering fool.

Gold-sewn silk on the sword-blade,
Beauty and fool together laid.

The Hermit | William Butler Yeats

Stability, Structure, Protection, Wisdom, Success
Stability, Structure, Protection, Wisdom, Success

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana are the central cards of a tarot, they represent life lessons, the great archetypal themes that are influencing your steps, and for us they represent a powerful character imbued with words of power. With a meticulous development both in technique and symbolism.