Incredible talented Colombian SongWriter

Mina is a composer from Bogotá, music lover and born singer, her interpretive sensitivity and power when singing make La Mina music a unique musical experience.

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The staging of La Mina, brings the viewer an experience of natural sounds, call yourselves indigenous, live instruments, Dj set, in a reunion with the roots and a feeling of identity, mixing sounds of bullerengue and sabor with funk, cumbia and hip hop , La Mina is described as a Colombian folk rap sound.

Digital Magic|Dancing illustration

We have been working with her throughout the production of the album, doing all the promotional illustrations for her singles. Graphic design  including his logo and apps for merchandise and social networks, Soon we will produce two of his video clips. We are very happy to work with such a talented artist.

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La Mina Music

Here you can see some of the work we have done for her!