Magic, holistic senses and sophistication. For this work we use classic and sober lines powered with the sensibility of the handmade magic.


We based our creation on this brand redesing based on the pure strength on the sun, the moon, the orbs and the lines that those beings trace on the celestial vault. thats whay we fusioned line elements with solid shapes generating the holistic feeling that was needed in a brand that is constantly evolving.


We knew from the beginning that the different uses that would be given in this brand would mark each of its products, for this reason we decided to generate a very wide plexus in the presentations and uses of its isotype


The ENCHANTING colour palette is pure magic and sophistication, we focused all our efforts in bring a colour set for every occasion, in which the product of the brand has its own character.


Variety is one of the most important pillars of this brand's design. Assembly of different objects for every need and for every product.



Sophistication plays the role of balance for each of the objects, making each presentation a reliable example of the strength of the brand.